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Scott's Liquid Gold Testimonials

  • Just a quick note to say thank you for your wonderful product. I have used pourable Liquid Gold for years and every time it works like magic. This is the only product that I have found that can restore the shine and beauty to my kitchen and bathroom cabinets - and they are 53 years old!!! I cannot wait to try your "Floor Restore" on my hardwood floors.

    - Jess
  • Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I wasted about $35.00 buying Regency Gold (from HSN) and Dutch Glow Amish Milk from our local store. I used them both on numerous projects and was not impressed! Then, I looked under the kitchen sink and found the Scott's L.G. and repolished my bench and wood framed mirror with it. I was truly impressed. Guess I'll stick with the "good stuff" from now on.

    - Larry C. Monroe, MI
  • I would like to express my surprise and pleasure and thank your company for the Liquid Gold Wood Wash. I have used many products over 40+ years and have never been satisfied with a wood cleaner until now. We recently purchased a 150+ year old mahogany china cabinet that was absolutely filthy from dust, years of polish, dirt build-up and neglect. It was so bad I didn't know if it had a finish on it and could not see the wood grain at all. After a superficial cleaning, I went to the store to get more Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care and there sat your Wood Wash right next to it. After reading the directions I bought two bottles, came home and used it for the next four hours. I have never seen so much grime, dirt and smoke build-up on one piece of furniture in my life...I was amazed by the amount of "filth" that came off. Now I can finally see the finish and beautiful wood grain.

    - Connie A.
  • I wanted to thank you for a product that always works. I love Liquid Gold and use it on any surface I can. My husband now believes me and uses it on his garden tools! Thanks for a great product!

    - Ann Newton, CT
  • I have never written to a company before but I was so impressed with Scott's Liquid Gold that I had to write to you. My 39 year old cabinets look great! Using your product was like watching an infommercial that really worked and the fact that it (Scott's) is made in the USA makes it even better. I have never gotten results like these with any other product. I have and will continue to recommend Scott's Liquid Gold to everyone I know.

    - Tara
  • The grey metal garage door at our house was really dirty. I hosed it down but when it dried it still looked streaked and dirty. I tried using the power-washer but it looked awful. I then solved the cleaning challenge using Scott's Liquid Gold. The doors now look brand new.

    - Mark Denver, CO
  • Where have you been all my life??? I used this product for the first time today on our wood furniture. I have to say, "I am amazed at the results. These tables are deeply scratched from years of abuse and neglect. I have used many products trying to get the stains off the wood, scrubbing to no avail. I knew I couldn't do much about the scratches. With the Liquid Gold, I was able to to almost effortlessly restore my tables to beautiful condition. Even the deep scratches are barely noticeable. I am actually excited to clean tomorrow and use it on my kitchen cabinets. I can only imagine how well everything will look after continued use. Thank you for such a fantastic product! I've already sang its praises to my friends and family. Just had to say thank you and please don't ever stop making it...

    - Gail Oakland, NY
  • For years I have heard about your product but I have never actually tried it, until recently. Always just figured just another claim by another company. I have a hope chest that I have had since 1968. Over the years it sat and accumulated dust and grime and wear and tear. I wanted to try to restore it (although I seriously had my doubts). To make a long story short, I cleaned and refinished the hope chest and finished it off with Scott's Liquid Gold but that wasn't what impressed me so much. I have a lot of oak wood cabinets in my kitchen along with stainless steel appliances, a beautiful oak dining set and oak china closet. All I can say is I will Never, Never buy regular furniture polish again. I was amazed at how Scott's Liquid Gold restored the beauty, the shine and actually cleaned all my wood . My stainless steel refrigerator (which I have spent a lot of money trying to find good stainless cleaner) and my stove (also stainless), look absolutely beautiful!!!!! I am going to recommend your product to all my friends and family. It is a great product and I only wish I had tried it sooner. I have to say I really love the almond scent. I guess better late than never but you have a loyal customer for life and I plan on spreading the word. Nice when a product or a company lives up to its claims ... thank you so much.

    - Deborah
  • We recently used Liquid Gold to clean our historic mahogany table in the Hall of Giants at McKee Botanical Garden. The garden was originally opened as McKee Jungle Garden in 1932 and the 38-foot piece of Philippine mahogany was placed in the Hall of Giants. The garden fell on hard times in the 1970s and was forced to close its doors. A local group of community members rallied in the late 1990s and saved 18-acres of the jungle garden and McKee Botanical Garden was re-opened in 2001. The Hall of Giants and mahogany table remain in place today and are a large and important part of the McKee history. We used your product to clean this massive table and it turned out beautifully.

  • I have used and loved Scott's Liquid Gold for years. Last year I remodeled my kitchen with all new stainless steel appliances and farm sink. I recently noticed the "Great for Stainless Steel Too!" sticker on the cap of the spray can. So, I tried it and I loved it... It definitely works great. Just wanted you to know.

    - Mary Catherine Elgin, TX
  • My husband kept every product down to the last drop of whatever he liked, and he loved Liquid Gold in the metal can. I had forgotten all about it in the last few years... However, this morning, when cleaning out a cabinet in the garage I came across a can... There was product in it, and I decided to try it on a table I was planning on donating to a thrift shop. Wow, now I remember why we loved it so much. I used only a tiny bit of it with great results. I also noticed that my hands actually have a much more youthful appearance. I cannot get over how smooth and soft my 75 year old hands have become - too bad the product is not made for a complete bath experience.

    - Virginia
  • I had already picked up a bottle of Pledge Wood Furniture Oil when I saw your generous offer beckoning me. I read on your can that your product would enhance wood's richness and lengthen the life of our wood treasures, new and antique. We were remodeling our kitchen and I felt I was facing having to re-stain our solid wood cabinets. After 25 years, they were looking weary. I used your product on them and I am sooooo pleased! You have saved me hours of work... I got so excited that I used your product on all the wood in our house - we have a lot of antiques and now they look revived!! Let everyone there know what a wonderful product they are making - they should be so proud. P.S. The almond scent is very nice.

    - Wendi F.Antelope, CA
  • I am writing to share how much I love your Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care - Aerosol. My husband and I not only love the way it cleans and preserves our wood, but it has such a nice scent to it! It makes the room smell so refreshing. I also love the size. I am not having to constantly run out to the store to buy more! The can lasts a while in our household. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! It has made cleaning a little more pleasant!

    - Summer M.St Sebastian, FL
  • Scott's Liquid Gold helps with the upkeep of our lovely log cabin facility.

    - Robert D.LaSalle Manor Retreat Center
  • Who Knew?????? I happened to be using the cleaner & preservative (I've used it forever) and only just today noticed the sticker, Great for Stainless Steel. AND IT IS!!!!!! My stainless sink is far from new, and this product made it sparkle and covered a lot of the flaws. Amazing. Works better than Stainless Steel Magic (another product). Great product! Thanks.

    - Lynn P.McHenry, IL
  • I've always used Scott's Liquid Gold on my refrigerator water collector so it wouldn't show water spots. Then, one day I tried it on my old shower doors that were covered with water spots and now they look brand new. Once a week I spray Scott's on a cloth (I don't spray direct on the door because I don't want it on the shower floor) - Beautiful. Then stainless steel came into my kitchen in the form of a new stove and refrigerator and I discovered what a mess they are to keep clean. I tried every stainless steel cleaner out there - wipe, wipe and more wiping. Then a light went off in my head - I'll try Scott's Liquid Gold. First I wipe the appliances with glass cleaner to take off dirt and grease, then I spray Scott's on a paper towel, wipe once then use a clean towel to wipe off any oily residue - BEAUTIFUL!!! I love stainless steel now and it works on the stove hood too. Thanks a bunch. I love the shine I'm in...

    - Frances P.
  • I just bought another can of Scotts Liquid Gold. Love the product and have for years. I happened to notice the "Proudly made for over 50 years in Denver CO USA". I can't tell you what a good feeling this gave me. I love supporting American made products, but it's nearly impossible these days. Thanking you,

    - Carol A.San Jose, CA
  • I love the Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wipes and the Wood Care in the  spray can. The wipes are GREAT for ceiling fans and I use the spray on my antique furniture. I have two pieces of antique furniture that had tiny white spray paint marks on them. Well that stuff (Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care) has all but made that spray paint disappear. My furniture looks really great after using Scott's Liquid Gold on them. That old furniture has new life. One piece was really dried out looking, but not anymore.

    - Teresa F.
  • I purchase distressed military surplus rifles, repair and make them ready for sale to other collectors. Usually the worst part of these rifles is the wooden stock. Over the years I have used Simple Green and various other cleaners, with some success, but the rifles then require refinishing. I noticed your "Wood Wash" and decided to try it. It has been the answer to my problems. It cleans the stocks, leaving no residue and not removing the finish. That combined with "Scott's Liquid Gold" (Wood Care) has given me the finish I prefer. Thanks for great products.

    - Carl W.
  • Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wipes. In preparing our house to sell after being here for 17 years, I am discovering a number of overlooked cleaning areas (oak baseboards) and some furniture that needs freshening. I've used the spray stuff over the years but the Wood Wipes are easy to use (leave no oily residue) and are doing a marvelous job at making things presentable. Thanks for such a great product! Oh, and I looked through the helpful tips and was unaware of all the different uses for Liquid Gold.

    - Kathleen W.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for making me work so hard. A friend told me to try Liquid Gold on my antique desk. A few months later I finally broke down and bought some. I started by polishing the desk and have not stopped polishing since. Every wooden surface in my house is now sparkling and looking like new! It is so easy to use and so rewarding to see the beautiful shine. And dusting, it's off my list of chores. Dust does not seem to want to land on the furniture polished with Liquid Gold. Fantastic product! I am now one of your most dedicated fans.

    - Rhonda S.