One Clean Home

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12 fl oz

Product details

Scott’s Liquid Gold ONE CLEAN HOME® is a new multi surface cleaner formulated for wood and more!  ONE CLEAN HOME® uses naturally occurring, non-toxic citric acid to clean all kinds of household messes for cleaning that makes you feel good.

  • Works on all types of hard surfaces
  • Cleans greasy, grimy, gritty, goopy messes
  • Foaming no-drip formula stays where you put it
  • Fresh, clean grapefruit scent
  • It’s safe for people, pets and the planet

We’ve been trusted to care for real wood since 1951, now you can trust us to care for everything else.

Directions for use

  1. Spray 6 – 8 inches from dirty surface, spread evenly and wipe away! Repeat as needed.
  2. For tough messes, let it sit, then wipe away.
  3. On wood surfaces follow with Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care® to treat and protect.  Not for use on leather, fabrics, glass or mirrors.

Note: We recommend doing a spot test on a small inconspicuous area first.


Water, Propane/Butane Blend, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, C9-11 alcohol ethoxylate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Fragrance, Quaternary Cocoalkylamine, Alkyl Glycol, Citric Acid


Finished Wood Wood Laminates Stainless Steel
Tile Plastic Metal
Stone Porcelain Vinyl


Window screens Window blinds and shutters Metal hardware and tools
Office furniture Office furniture Baseboards, doors and trim
Ceiling fans Plexiglas and stained-glass Outdoor furniture
In your car Pots for planting (outside surface only)
Almost anywhere!

You can find the One Clean Home SDS Here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do any of the Scott's Liquid Gold products contain nuts?+

    No, none of the Scott’s Liquid Gold products contain nuts.

  • Can ONE CLEAN HOME be used outdoors?+

    Yes, ONE CLEAN HOME can be used outdoors.  It naturally occurring, non-toxic citric acid to cut through messes. It is safe to use near plants and pets.

  • How many applications are in a can of ONE CLEAN HOME?+

    The number of applications will vary greatly home to home. Every home is different. How and where people use it can be very different.

  • Will ONE CLEAN HOME change the color of wood surfaces?+

    No, unlike Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care which can darken wood, ONE CLEAN HOME will not change the color of wood surfaces.

  • Can ONE CLEAN HOME be used on synthetic finishes like polyurethane?+

    Yes, ONE CLEAN HOME can be used on synthetic finishes as well as natural finishes.

  • Can I use ONE CLEAN HOME on naturally finished wood?+

    Natural finishes are made from plant- or animal-based materials. A natural finish allows the natural wood characteristic to show through.  ONE CLEAN HOME can be used safely on a natural finish.

  • There are light scratches on my woodwork. Will ONE CLEAN HOME hide them like Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care does?+

    No, ONE CLEAN HOME does not have natural oils to help hide nicks and scratches like the Wood Care product. To use Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care to hide nicks and scratches, clean dust, grime and dirt with Liquid Gold.
    Then, reapply Scott’s Liquid Gold and allow it to sit for 1/2 hour. Buff out any remaining Liquid Gold.

  • Are there any surfaces I should not use ONE CLEAN HOME on?+

    Although ONE CLEAN HOME can be used on most surfaces, there are a few we do not recommend. We do not recommend using ONE CLEAN HOME on glass, mirrors, leather, fabrics or upholstery.
    It also should not be used on reclaimed wood, salvaged woods, deteriorated or cracked finishes.