What makes Kids ‘n’ Pets and Messy Pet Cat Stain + Odor Removers so effective? Enzymes!

Enzymes are amazing tools of nature.

Bacteria produces enzymes. Enzymes then work to break down waste particles into smaller pieces that bacteria can easily consume. These smaller pieces of organic waste, urine, grease and stains become food for bacteria. The ‘food’ is then converted into carbon dioxide and water. Enzymes speed up natural processes and chemical reactions that otherwise would not happen or take a long time to complete.

How do enzymes work in cleaning products?

Enzymes naturally attack and digest all kinds of biodegradable stains like grass, urine, wine, blood, feces, coffee, vomit and their odors. Enzymes gets rid of the need to use harsh chemicals in your home. Harsh chemicals should not be used with enzyme-based cleaners. The residue from chemicals kills bacteria and the enzymes. Enzymes are natural, non-toxic and safe for people, pets and the planet.



What makes Kids ‘n’ Pets natural? Enzymes. Enzymes are natural and speed up chemical reactions between bacteria and waste. Enzymes break down waste particles into small pieces that bacteria can easily attach and digest. Smaller particles of waste, like urine and stains, feed bacteria creating two basic compounds; carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). Both are inherent and necessary for the survival of life on earth.


What makes Kids ‘n’ Pets safe?

  • Formulated with natural enzymes, not chemicals.
  • Contains no ingredients considered cancer-causing or dangerous to people, animals, plants or the environment.
  • Fragrance-free. Fragrances are linked to illnesses that range from skin irritation to an increased risk of breast cancer.
  • It is safe to use to care for the needs of children, the elderly and beloved pets.


What makes Kids ‘n’ Pets non-toxic? A non-toxic product doesn’t contain ingredients that are linked to adverse health effects, either immediate or over the long-term in humans. No enzyme has ever been found to be toxic, cancer-causing or the cause of changes in DNA. Enzymes are proteins which are readily available, quickly inactivated in the environment and have no hazardous effect on the environment.

Kids ‘n’ Pets

Life with kids and pets is messy. That’s why we make Kids ‘n’ Pets. Use it on stains and spills, pet accidents, to pretreat laundry, to boost detergent. For every mess, Kids ‘n’ Pets!

Messy Pet Cat

Cats choose us. We don’t own them. That’s why we make Messy Pet Cat. They mark their territory, scratch, chew and dig. Discourage bad habits before they start. Love the cat who chose you!