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Touch of Scent Testimonials

  • I just wanted to tell you how much I love "Touch of Scent" aerosol. I have used it for years. My mother and father started using it back in the 70's and I started then also. I love the "Ocean Breeze" scent and I order it "online" as it cannot be purchased in our little town. Again, thank you for a wonderful product.

    - Patricia C. Cottonwood, AZ
  • What a pleasure it is to deal with your company, on the website and especially on the phone. You are a great company and you have pride in the fact that you are an American company (HOORAY) and that your products are GREAT! You Touch of Scent products are the only ones on the market that don't spray water all over the surfaces that then become dirty with footprints...and the scents are great. GO USA!

    - Arlene A. Ewing, NJ
  • I have used Touch of Scent for years and really enjoy the light, aromatic scents. It is a wonderful odor coverup without the sweetness and heaviness of other brands.

    - Dot B.
  • As a long time user of Touch of Scent air fresheners, I thought I knew how important a quick burst of freshness could be. I was quickly reminded, however, on a recent family car trip to Yellowstone. Five people, two adolescent boys, one hotel bathroom. The value of one can of Touch of Scent air freshener - PRICELESS! I wouldn't consider a family vacation without it. Of course, I always have Touch of Scent in its dispenser at home. It is a great product that really works! Thanks

    - Barbara G.
  • I have been using your Touch of Scent for the past 5 years. I noticed recently that you have upgraded/changed fragrances I now enjoy the lovely Tangerine and the Tropical Rain. I sent my sister some and she fell in love with the Very Vanilla. Thank you for keeping me interested with the new additions. I love to have all the rooms in my house smell wonderful.

    - Cindy N.
  • These are not your great grandmother's heavy fragrances. They are fresh, contemporary and kind to the nose. Touch of Scent does the job of eliminating odors and freshening the air with great fragrances. Best of all they do not compete with fresh air because they don't linger forever like plug-in deodorizes.

    - Dorinda V.
  • We have been using Touch of Scent in our nursing facility since 1999 and have found this product to be the only air freshener that is helpful and safe for our residents. We love it because it is convenient to use and keeps our facility smelling fresh. We have it in every resident room and every public restroom. We are extremely happy with it and have found it to be the only air fresher that really works for us.

    - Myrna