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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I customize my Touch of Scent dispenser to fit into my home's decor?+

    It's easy to personalize your dispenser. Here are just a few ideas we have learned from our consumers:

    • Change the color with acrylic or spray paint
    • Paint designs, using model paint
    • Add textures with a stone-look spray or marbleized coating
    • Antique or decoupage
    • Apply wallpaper to match or accent walls, using white glue
    • Attach shells, beads, crystals, flower, ribbons or feathers with permanent glue
    • Bond fabric to the dispenser with fabric glue or hemming tape
    • Bond fabric to the dispenser with fabric glue or hemming tape
    • Stencil, using paints that adhere to plastic

    Note: For best results, lightly sand and apply a thin coat of primer. To avoid constricting movement, apply ornaments and fabrics only to the edge of dispenser - do not wrap.

  • I personalized my dispenser in a way not listed on your site. I would like to send you instructions and a photo. Where should I send them?+

    If you have a great idea for personalizing the Touch of Scent dispenser, just email it to us at If you have pictures, please attach them to the email in jpeg format or you can send your ideas and pictures to us at the address below. Who knows, your suggestion and pictures may just show up on the site one day.

    Scott's Liquid Gold, Inc. P.O. Box 39-S Denver, CO 80239-0019 ATTN: Consumer Relations

  • Why does my Touch of Scent refill can feel almost empty?+

    Most aerosol air fresheners are water based, so when you pick up the can, what you are feeling is predominantly the weight of the water. Touch of Scent air fresheners contain a dry, weightless base. What you feel when you pick up the can is only the weight of the actual fragrance.

  • Why doesn't Touch of Scent offer a battery operated dispenser?+

    We are kind of a frugal bunch here at Touch of Scent and it is our belief that having fragrance dispensed every 6 to 18 minutes in an empty room is a waste that can get to be very expensive. We choose to put our consumers in control. The Touch of Scent dispenser lets you be in control with fragrance being dispensed only when you want or need it.

  • I used to be able to find the Touch of Scent refills at all of my favorite local retailers. Now, they are so hard to find. What's up? Why won't you sell Touch of Scent to them?+

    The choice to sell any brand of product is completely up to the corporate buyers of the stores where you shop. The managers and employees at the local level have little to no voice in what is available in their stores. Our sales people, are constantly in contact with the corporate buyers but the choice is ultimately in the buyer's hands, not ours. You can check out our Store Finder to see which stores in your area sell Touch of Scent. You can also make your purchase on this secure website or you can contact us and place your order direct.

  • You have discontinued my favorite Touch of Scent fragrance. Why?+

    The answer to this is simple - economics. If enough people don't like a particular fragrance, it doesn't sell well. Since we have to purchase and print cans for each of our fragrances in the hundreds of thousands, we simply cannot afford to have that much inventory on hand of a fragrance that is not a top seller. However, recently we have begun to make small batches of some of the "old favorites" which we offer from time to time in a generic-type can. Since most of our consumers use Touch of Scent air fresheners in our dispenser, they don't really care what the can looks like, they just want a specific fragrance. Stores, of course, don't want a generic-type can on their shelves, so these fragrances are available only online or direct from us. In order to be alerted when "special" fragrances are being offered, you should sign up to receive our e-newsletter. All you have to do is complete the Sign-Up selection at the top of this. We promise not to bombard you with emails and we never share or sell our email list. This is just our way of letting our valued consumers know when we are offering specials.

  • I sprayed Touch of Scent in my eyes. What should I do?+

    Flush your eyes with plenty of water. Get medical attention if irritation persists.

  • Why did you choose a dry mist formula for Touch of Scent air fresheners?+

    The Touch of Scent dry mist formula is designed to last longer than the average brand. Instead of spraying an air freshener all around the room, with Touch of Scent, one quick touch is all that is needed to fill rooms with vibrant, rich, long-lasting fragrance. Additionally, Touch of Scent does not have the watery fallout that so many aerosol air fresheners have so there will be no residue or spots to damage your clothes, furniture, floors or cabinets.

  • We use Touch of Scent in our facility and I need an MSDS sheet to keep on file. How can I obtain one?+

    Simply scroll to the bottom of this page, click on Policies and MSDS to download our MSDS sheet.

  • I want to place an order but I'd rather mail or fax it in than place it on your website. How can I do this?+

    It's simple, just select all items you wish to order on our web site and add each to the shopping cart in the quantities you desire. When your order is complete, all you need to do is print the order form and mail or fax it to us at:

    Scott's Liquid Gold, Inc.P.O. Box 39-SDenver, CO 80239-0019ATTN: Consumer RelationsFax: 303-576-6151 - ATTN: Consumer Relations