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10 oz. Aerosol Wood Cleaner & Preservative

Original Almond Fragrance
• Time-tested organic oil formula
• Cleans, shines, dusts, restores & preserves
• Safe for use on all natural or unfinished wood
• Leaves no residue build-up
• Contains no wax, silicones or nut by-products

  • Time-tested organic oil formula wood cleaner
  • Safely cleans, shines and dusts wood
  • For use on all natural or unfinished wood surfaces
  • Original almond fragrance
  • Restores & enhances wood's color, grain & luster
  • Repels dust
  • Removes light wax buildups
  • Deep cleans new & antique wood furniture,
  • Works on cabinets, doors, paneling & woodwork
  • Replenishes wood's moisture
  • Protects against cracking, warping and fading
  • Brings out the true color of wood
  • Lessens the appearance of nicks and scratches
  • Brings out wood's natural color & richens tones
  • Leaves no residue buildup
  • Maintains & preserves wood's beauty
  • Prolongs wood's life
  • Cleans and shines chrome, brass & stainless steel
  • Contains no wax, silicone, nuts or nut by-products


Petroleum Hydrotreated Distillate, C6-9 Light Alkanes, Fragrance, 1-Bromopropane, 1,2 Epoxybutane, Carbon Dioxide
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