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I just couldn't believe what Floor Restore did to renew the appearance of the well-worn traffic area in front of my wet bar.
Barbara G.


I've never before sent a letter to a manufacturer, but Floor Restore is something that requires my contacting you.  The first part of December we decided to spiff up the house because we were going to have a lot of company over the holidays.  Our house is 75 years old with hardwood floors (pecan) throughout...  They're finished nicely and require normal maintenance...  This is a big house, 3,600 ft. sq., so a fair amount of work is required when I do anything.
Most products I've used work fairly well but are short in longevity.  We were looking for a product at Wally's and I had my mind set on acrylic of some kind.  The stuff I had in mind was in short supply...  I looked at other shelf stuff and saw that Scott's made Floor Restore.  I've used Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner and Preservative for 30 or more years on our wood outdoor patio and lawn furniture and it's kept it in good condition for that long so I bought several bottles of Floor Restore and applied it to every room...  The first thing was the shine that appeared within an hour and how it continued to brighten over it's cure time.  The next thing was the absence of an application line where I'd continue in a room after it was applied to the part clear of furniture...  There's no sign whatsoever of an application line.
Now it's been nearly 2 months and there's little, if any, show of wear.  This is after the holidays, 3 holiday parties with 20 to 30 people each and a continuous house full of kids and grandkids and pets for 15 days from before Christmas through the first few days of January.   Be all that as it may, Floor Restore is good stuff and I'm a believer.  It's easy to apply and it lasts...  I've looked for a product like this for the 20+ years.  Thanks for a good product. 
Al L.
Farmington, NM

My hardwood floors look pretty bad and really need a redo.  I have tried every product on the market to perk them up but got no real results.  UNTIL I used your Floor Restore!  There are still spots that only a redo will fix but the floors look 100% better!!  I take all my guests back to the bedrooms to show them my floors.  And I have recommended the product to everyone I know!  It's ridiculous how excited I am am over my floors!!!  Thank you for making a product that really works!!
Dell O.
Greenville, SC

I just wanted to compliment you on Liquid Gold Floor Restore.  I'm almost always disappointed in products that don't do what they're supposed to but this stuff really works.  My oak kitchen floor was completely worn out, especially where the table and chairs had scratched it over the last 10 years.  After only one application, I can't get over how beautiful the floor looks now.  Liquid Gold (Floor Restore) has brought back the shine and my floor looks almost like new.  Great job!
Gordon F.
Crystal Lake, IL

Floor Restore was very easy to apply and it reduced light scratching and covered dull, worn areas.

Floor Restore left a beautiful shine without much effort.  My badly worn, washed-out floor dried to a beautiful shine.

Floor Restore blended discolored areas together and made them less noticeable.

I like this product very much.  My floor has been renewed.

I was completely satisfied with Floor Restore.

Floor Restore restores the original luster of hardwood floors at a DIY price.

One coat polishes hardwood floors to a shiny gloss finish.

Floor Restore applies easily, dries quickly, leaves shine and enhances color.

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