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Just wanted to say thanks for Clean Screen!!!!! Purchased it 2 weeks ago to clean a computer screen. Last weekend my 2 year old granddaughter got hold of an ink pen and drew on our flat screen TV before I could stop her! I was mortified – but grabbed the Clean Screen product and shammy. All the ink came off and the screen was not damaged at all. Thanks for a great product – it really does what it says it does (worked great on the computer screen too)!!!!!
Diane W.
Greensboro, NC

Dear Clean Screen, I tried your product and love it.  It really cleaned my screens to a glass finish.  Thanks for such a great product.
Kim M.
Ripley, WV

I like the wipes, I used one wipe on my cell phone and a pair of reading glasses. They work great and I like them especially for the cell phone due to how they say the cell phones carry tons of bacteria. I’m going to use them on my land phones too. Thank you
Paula B

Your new Clean Screen is a blessin'. I had so much dust on my flatscreen t.v. and my nice computer.  It was a problem.  Thanks, Liquid Gold for the clean finish.

I got my order for screen clean today. I am in awe of this product. My screen was so dirty. It took two applications to get it clean, but it did a wonderful job. It will only take one application next time. My screen looks like new. I am so pleased with this and so happy that someone finally came out with the solution for keeping our screens clean. It took off the fingerprint smudges and all. Thanks I hope this is a big product for you. It should be.
Ginger M.

In 2008 we purchased our first hi-def flat screen TV and we love it. Watching movies, TV shows and sporting events have become so much enjoyable, it has become our mini theater. About a month ago I noticed dust building up on the screen and a few finger prints. I didn't know how to clean the screen so I checked with the owner's manual and found out that they only tell you what "not" to use. Anything with either alcohol or ammonia can harm the screen's surface; they suggested wiping with a soft lint-free cloth. It somewhat helped with the dust but did nothing for the dirt and fingerprints. Then I found your product on the web and I purchased it immediately. I just received it today and all I can say is Wow! I was shocked at how much dirt there really was on the flat screen TV. It worked really well. It was quick and easy and made the picture look so clear and clean. I then went around the house and cleaned all the TVs, computer screens and even the GPS in my car. Your Clean Screen worked just great and I love the special cloth that was included. Thanks for selling such a great product.

I love Clean Screen! I have an itouch that had fingerprints all over the screen for obvious reasons. I used the microfiber cloth, sprayed the Clean Screen on it and wiped the itouch screen. I didn't have to worry about a liquid on the electronics and it worked great!
Kelli H.

I used Screen Clean for the first time to clean my 7-year-old 42-inch TV. I really thought that our TV was old and just losing it’s brightness, we always dusted the screen, however after using clean screen I realized the there was a film that had built up on it and to my surprise the brightness came back and the TV has a great picture. The soft cloth was also good because it did not scratch the screen. Works Great!
Ralph C.

I have 2 LCD TVs and 1 LCD screen for my Mac and tried your product on all 3. The TVs were not dirty with finger prints or real dusty so I mainly tested for streaking, ease of use and size of cloth. The product did not streak, and left a clean screen with no artifacts left behind. The screen for my Mac was dusty and had a few finger prints on it. It cleaned up nicely and left no streaks. When done, I could roll the dust off the cloth and it looked as good as new.
Mike G.


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