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How to Use


  • Turn screen off
  • Spray microfiber cloth with Clean Screen - one spray for small screens, 2-4 sprays for larger screens. Cloth should be lightly damp, not wet.
  • Gently wipe screen until dust, dirt and fingerprints are gone. Repeat if necessary.

When cloth becomes soiled, rinse with warm water and allow to dry thoroughly. For best results, use the microfiber cloth with Clean Screen only.

  • Gently remove any loose dirt from surface to avoid scratching.
  • Remove wipe from package, unfold and wipe screen until clean and dry.
  • Toss the wipe in the trash - it's biodegradable

Clean Screen products:

  • Safely and effectively clean delicate surfaces
  • Remove fingerprints, dirt, dust and oily residues
  • Will not scratch, streak or leave a residue
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